718-824-1616 info@certifiedtestinglabs.com Mon-Fri: 7am to 5pm
718-824-1616 info@certifiedtestinglabs.com Mon-Fri: 7am to 5pm

Our Company History

Exceptional service for over 60 years!

Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) is an independent material testing and inspection agency founded in 1958 by the late Joseph Citardi. Now owned by Calisto Bertin, PE, today’s CTL is now affiliated with his other firms with a total staff of nearly 100 professionals and 5 testing laboratories.

CTL offers a full range of inspections including 32 of the 35 types of building inspections, capabilities unmatched by most of our competitors. All inspectors are certified. In addition, the expanded staff and multiple locations enables flexible scheduling and the ability to perform field inspections across a large geographic area.

With its 64 years of experience and dedication to our clients, CTL is uniquely suited to provide quality, timely and cost effective support to the construction industry.